Sherbrooke Amphipod

The Sherbrooke amphipod (Austrogammarus haasei) is a small, laterally flattened freshwater crustacean no more than 1.65cm long. It eats plant detritus that accumulates in the shaded areas of streams. As well as being a food source for native fish and other animals, it helps to recycle nutrients (including carbon) through the ecosystem.

The Sherbrooke Amphipod has been listed as a threatened taxon in Schedule 2 of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988. The amphipod has a very restricted distribution in Victoria. Conservation of the species will involve protecting key in-stream and riparian habitat elements, which will also protect the environmental qualities of the creeks. This will assist in the protection of other stream fauna, including a wide variety of invertebrates and some fish species.

For more information see Communities, Collaboration & Conservation prepared by Jillian Staton