YCA Bushfire Risk Project

DELWP, along with our partners in bushfire management including Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water, Yarra Ranges Shire and the CFA, agree that bushfire management is a critical part of planning for the new Conservation Area.

Risk Assessment And Management Project Proposal

It is clear from our community consultation so far that we won’t be able to engage portions of the community in the park planning process until they are satisfied that we have a credible process to address bushfire risk and to incorporate risk management measures into the park design and management.

The purpose of this project is to develop a bushfire risk management strategy for the Yellingbo Conservation Area to ensure that bushfire risk is not increased in or near the Yellingbo investigation area as a result of creating the park.

Bushfire risk management strategies identified as part of this process will inform the design of the Conservation Area and it’s ongoing management.

The project will work with the community to identify the highest priority community assets and the appropriate risk management measures (including vegetation buffer zones, access points, water points and other risk management measures) that can be put in place to protect these community assets.

Led by an independent facilitator with technical advice from fire management experts, Dr Justin Leonard and Dr Kevin Tolhurst, the process will commence working with the Don Valley community in relation to Haining Farm.

The objective is to develop a bushfire risk management plan for the Yellingbo Investigation Area. This part of the process will be led by DELWP in partnership with Parks Victoria.

This plan will inform the design of the conservation area and the ongoing management of the conservation area once it is under Parks Victoria management from the end of 2018 onwards.

DELWP will undertake another round of community consultation once the draft plan is finalised.

The Final plan will require endorsement from the relevant Municipal Emergency Management Committees.

The final bushfire risk management plan will be approved by DELWP as the body with legislative responsibility for bushfire management on public land and Parks Victoria as the ongoing land manager for the conservation area.