Represented Land Managers

The YCA Action Plan reflects both the spirit and intent of the relevant strategic plans of represented land managers but also is responds directly to the sections of these plans that relate specifically to the YCA.

Strategic and Management Plans of Represented Land Managers

Key strategic and management plans of the represented land managers in the YCA are listed below. Please contact the relevant land managers for further information about specific plans.

It is noted that:

  • VicRoads has some small landholdings in the vicinity of the YCA and manages roadside verges that abut the YCA;
  • Trust for Nature properties that abut the YCA are managed for environmental purposes;
  • Yarra Valley Water owns some property in the vicinity of the YCA parts of which are managed for environmental purposes; and
  • DEDJTR manages a small parcel near Woori Yallock.

It is also noted that the Victorian Government Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Bill 2017 will have an impact on current and future planning in the YCA.