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    The projects featured on this page are indicative of the coordinated contribution of the 3-tiers of government, multiple agencies, farmers, land owners, Friends...
  • Grazing
  • Yellingbo to Butterfield Project
    Wildlife Corridors Wildlife corridors are connections across the landscape that link up areas of habitat. They support natural processes that occur in a healthy...
  • References
    Acts Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.  (Vic) (Austl). Retrieved from
  • Haining Farm
  • Reports
    2018 Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). (2018). Yellingbo Conservation Area Draft 10 Year Plan: For Public Comment. Melbourne: Departm...
  • Sherbrooke Amphipod
    The Sherbrooke amphipod (Austrogammarus haasei) is a small, laterally flattened freshwater crustacean no more than 1.65cm long. It eats plant detritus that a...
  • Emerald Star Bush
    The White Star-bush (Asterolasia asteriscophora subsp. albiflora mole), also known as the Emerald Star-bush, is a slender upright shrub growing to 1.5 metres ta...
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