Yellingbo Conservation Area

The land between the Dandenongs and Yarra Ranges has unique environmental values.

The area currently referred to as the Yellingbo Conservation Area (YCA) is being established to assist in the conservation of the area’s significant biodiversity and ecological values, and a number of threatened species including the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater and the Lowland Leadbeater’s Possum. It will also result in improved water quality and river health.

This site was created by the former Yellingbo Conservation Area Coordinating Committee (YCACC), which improved coordination and collaboration between land managers and other agencies involved in the management of the Yellingbo Conservation Area from 27 October 2015 to 31 Jan 2019.

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Community Notice Board

Helmeted Honeyeater’s 150th birthday © Ben Cullen

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Highlights of some of the great work taking place in Yellingbo.

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What’s special about Yellingbo?

The biodiversity and ecological values of the investigation area have been transformed markedly since settlement. The current remnant landscape is now a stronghold for endangered species.


Land Management

Yellingbo conservation Area Coordinating Committee (YCACC) and the Government acknowledges the extensive network of community organisations and public land management committees who have worked hard over many decades to improve the natural values of the area.

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Bush Fire Management

Bushfire Management is taken seriously in YCA.

Engaging © TfN

Funds and licences available to landholders and community groups to support management of the area.

Yarra River, Milgrove

Direct stock access to waterways can affect river health and water quality.

Stock access can cause erosion which can cause cause ecosystem damage.

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