LAURITZ_PV1749_2357The Conservation Area will help protect significant biodiversity and ecological values through the rehabilitation of stream frontages and the creation of vital habitat links for critically endangered species. It is also aimed at improving water quality and river health. Direct livestock access to waterways has a significant impact on the banks of rivers and creeks, vegetation and water quality.

Once the Crown land frontage is fenced you will no longer have direct access to the waterway. This change may have implications for how you manage your property.

891_Misheye010909.062There are several options for obtaining water for domestic and stock purposes:
Catchment runoff and roof water
Water from a bore
Potable water supply
Licensed extraction from a waterway

Off-stream stock watering infrastructure (eg. troughs, pipes, header tanks) will be encouraged and funding assistance for this may be available through Melbourne Water’s Stream Frontage Management Program. If pumping from the waterway you will be required under the Water Act to obtain a take and use licence for domestic and stock purposes.

Landholders who fence off the Crown land boundary may make an application to Melbourne Water for a take and use licence. Issuing of a licence may be subject to the applicant obtaining relevant access to the waterway from the Crown land manager for the purposes of placing pumps and lines.

Landholders whose Crown land licence is being phased out may be eligible for a domestic and stock allocation to be granted to them. Landholders without historic licensed occupation of the Crown land will be required to purchase a licence allocation through trade with an existing licence holder. Additional information around obtaining a water licence and water trading can be obtained from Melbourne Water’s website at www.melbournewater.com.au/diverters or by phoning 13 17 22.


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