The Yellingbo Conservation Area Coordinating Committee (YCACC) is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the recommendations outlined in VEAC’s Yellingbo Investigation Report and endorsed in the Victorian Government Response.

YCACC will provide a first point of contact for stakeholders and the community about the Yellingbo Conservation Area and will communicate with the community through each step of the process.

Committee objectives include:

  • Coordination of land and biodiversity management activities of member organisations and other Yellingbo Conservation Area neighbours and partners
  • Monitoring and reporting of activities
  • Providing a point of contact for external organisations and community
  • Involving the community in management
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Seeking and managing additional funding for programs and activities
  • Generating educational, communication and publicity materials
  • Advocating and negotiating for nature conservation in the region
  • Encouraging complementary management on private land
  • Establishing long-term management direction
Woori-1 release site habitat YNCR 2013-1024 1.2 (image S.Tardif)