Ongoing Management

Lowland Leadbeater

Yarra Ranges National Park

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) will remain the land manager of most of the Crown land streamside areas until it is formally transferred to Parks Victoria. At that point Parks Victoria will commence management. Melbourne Water remains the designated waterway, drainage and floodplain authority, and the caretaker of waterway health.

Melbourne Water has an ongoing works program to control willows and other weeds along waterways within the conservation area. The VEAC recommendations present an opportunity for Melbourne Water to get in to areas where they have not previously had access, and they will now be able to continue these works more efficiently and effectively.

Parks Victoria will be responsible for management after formal creation of the Yellingbo Conservation Area. As part of the ongoing management and rehabilitation of this land, Parks Victoria will implement long term revegetation activities.

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