Fire Risk

YCACC is aware of the potential for fuel loads to increase with the creation of the new conservation area. The safety of Victorians is a high priority for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

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Fuel management is an essential part of Victoria’s strategy for dealing with bushfire risk.  ‘Safer Together’ sets out how agencies will work with communities to plan and deliver fuel management in areas that can most effectively reduce risk.  ’Safer Together’ combines world leading bushfire science with local knowledge to ensure fuel management programs suit local needs.


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Riparian land generally poses a lower fire risk to a landholders property, including to crops, livestock, and built assets than the threat posed by other parts of the landscape (CFA Riparian Land and Bushfire Risk). Further information can be found by clicking on the Pamphlet or Full Resource Document.

In partnership with Parks Victoria, DELWP will continue to implement a range of bushfire mitigation activities in the area. This includes Fuel reduction burning, Fire access track maintenance and improvement and Collaborating with communities and agencies, including the CFA, to develop township fire plans which examine options to manage bushfire risk on both public and private land.

The DELWP lead Fire Operations Plan identifies public land areas for fuel treatment, including burning and slashing.  For more information on plan or to discuss concerns please contact the DELWP office at Powelltown on 5965 9901.


Agency Fire Roles

As the Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley are located in one of the most fire prone regions in Victoria, an integrated approach to fire risk management has been developed from long experience and considerable expertise across National, State and Local agencies.  The specific role of many of these agencies is outlined in this document with links to relevant websites that detail specific fire plans and advice for the development of individual resident fire plans and preparation.  Also included is a brief description of the longer term YCA bushfire risk assessment and management project.





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