July 2014
Grazing Licences along Sassafras, Emerald and Menzies Crks phased out and returned to streamside reserve
April 2015
DELWP sends letters to landowners along Yarra River, Little Yarra River, Brittania Crk and Hoddles CRk advising grazing licences will not be renewed after 21 June 2016 and Stock to be excluded from streamside reserve
20 July 2016
DWELP sends letters to landowners advising a 3 month extension of licences to landowners who apply for Melbourne Water's Stream Frontage Management Program
25 July 2016
DELWP writes to landowners not holding Grazing licences advising all stock must be excluded from streamside reserves within 3 months of the dated letter
30September 2016
All licence holders along Yarra River, Little Yarra River, Brittania Crk and Hoddles Crk must exclude Stock from streamside reserve to be managed by DELWP until transferred to Parks Victoria for management in late 2018
31 July & 30 September 2018
All licence holders in remaining streamsides identified in the Yellingbo Investigation Area to have stock exclude stock for management by DELWP in preparation for handover to Parks Victoria
September 2016 - Late 2018
DELWP to maintain streamside crown frontages and prepare land transfer process to Parks Victoria for future management and rehabilitation

The VEAC Yellingbo investigation focused on the area’s biodiversity and ecological values, and develop recommendations to conserve and enhance these values.

Following a consultative process that included over 150 submissions, VEAC produced the Yellingbo Investigation Final Report, which has been supported by successive governments. The final recommendations included the creation of an extended Yellingbo Conservation Area to be made up of existing nature conservation reserves and Crown land streamside areas. The creation of the new conservation area will support biodiversity values by providing a network of wildlife corridors, improving water quality, protecting waterways and consolidating the fragmented reserves under one land manager.

Several of the streamside areas are currently licensed by the adjoining landowners for a range of purposes, including grazing.

Consistent with the government’s response, grazing licences will be phased out of riparian Crown land within the Yellingbo Conservation Area. The removal of grazing aims to protect natural values and enhance riparian habitat. To protect the environmental values of the area, fencing may be required to ensure stock are excluded from the waterways and sensitive riparian areas.

This phase out of grazing licenses is taking place in two stages; the Yarra River and lower Hoddles and Wet Lead Creeks by July 2016, and all other streamside areas by July 2018.

The government is supportive of maintaining the long-term arrangement of adjoining landowners being involved in the management of the land. For this reason, adjoining landowners are encouraged to discuss a riparian management licence with DELWP. The purpose of a riparian management licence is to manage the land for conservation purposes consistent with the government’s response and to allow activities such as weed and pest animal control, revegetation, recreation and in some cases, the use of grazing as a management tool.

DELWP is working with Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water to support impacted landowners with the transition and to address their concerns.

If you have any queries regarding these matters including the cessation of your licence, please contact DELWP on 9210 9414.


15 August 2016 – “Important Update on Pumping Infrastructure on Crown Land”



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