Ongoing Management FAQs

Yarra Ranges National Park

Who will manage the land, once grazing licences are removed?

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) will remain the land manager of the Crown land until the land is transferred to Parks Victoria following amendments to legislation proposed for 2018. At that point Parks Victoria will commence management.  Melbourne Water remains the designated waterway, drainage and floodplain authority, and the caretaker of waterway health.


How can I better manage my property so it does not impact the Crown land frontage?

Melbourne Water’s Rural Land Program provides advice and funding for works to minimise property impacts on stream reserves. The program has been designed to help landholders improve on-farm management practices through financial and technical assistance. Benefits include increased productivity for the property owner and improved waterway health for the broader community.

Contact: Rowan Hore (Program Manager, Rural Land Program) 03 9679 6811


Go to landowners TAB then Rural Land Program for further information.


How are weeds going to be managed in the Crown land area?

DELWP is responsible for the management of weeds on Crown land.  DELWP are investigating programs like ‘Good Neighbour’ to undertake weed control.  Landholders may be able to enter into riparian management licences with DELWP to continue to manage weeds on the Crown land frontages.  Grants for fencing, off-stream stock watering infrastructure, weed control and revegetation may be available from Melbourne Water’s Stream Frontage Management Program.

Parks Victoria will be responsible for weed management when the Crown land is formally transferred to them after 30 September 2018.


When is Melbourne Water going to remove willows and the other weeds along the river?

Melbourne Water has an ongoing works program to control willows and other weeds along waterways within the conservation area. The VEAC recommendations present an opportunity for Melbourne Water to get in to areas where they have previously not had access, and will now be able to continue these works more efficiently and effectively.


When is Parks Victoria going to revegetate the land?

As part of the ongoing management and rehabilitation of this land, Parks Victoria will implement a long term revegetation program once the land is transferred.



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